About Us

Hi, Thanks for showing your interest in knowing us. We are excited to introduce ourselves to you.

What’s Trupti’s Kavita All About?

At Truptis Kavita we currently share the Marathi Kavita, Hindi Kavita, and Hindi Shayari. You can see all Marathi Kavita and Hindi Shayari in video format.

How It All Started?

I write the Marathi Kavita and Hindi Shayari from my college days in my diary. After marriage, we are creating the Trupti’s Kavita YouTube Channel and post most of my own written Marathi Kavita and Shayaris. All these YouTube videos were uploaded on this my blog to share with you all.

The Guy Behind Trupti’s Kavita:

Hi, I am Trupti Tilloo. My passion is creating Kavita and Shayaris and share with everyone. I am very happy to start this blog. If you like my Marathi Kavita and Hindi Shayari please like, share, and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

I hope you will support us. Thanks!